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  • Vallejo German Red Oxide Acrylic Paint Set #78.411
  • Easy Metal Links Tracks
  • Dark World Creations Judge Dredd on Lawmaster Mk1 70mm
  • Mxpression Panzer Putty
  • Daimler Armoured Car
  • Make Your Own Stowage
  • Hornet Heads
  • Sherman DD
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  • M24 Chaffee Walkaround
    The M24 light tank, known by the British as the Chaffee, hit the battlefield in late 1944.
  • Chevrolet 30cwt LRDG - Walkaround
    The LRDG was one of the most legendary units of World War 2. Founded by Ralph Bagnold, it used some great-looking trucks.
  • Tamiya KV-II
    For his evocative diorama, Doug Frame chose a legendary behemoth, the KV-II.
  • Italeri MAS 568
    Italeri have hit their stride with naval subjects in 1:35th scale. The Italian M.A.S. is a great addition to their fleet.
  • Battlestar Galactica Viper MkII 1:32
    The rebooted Battlestar Galactica hit our screens in 2003, for us, the Viper II Fighter is the show’s undisputed star.
  • Life Color Tensocrom TSC01
    These days there's no shortage of modelling finishing products, but Lifecolor's Tensocrom range remains a mystery to some.
  • Sdkz.9 18t Famo Halftrack
    The 18-ton Heavy Tractor or “Famo” was a massive beast that could tow 22-ton loads & was the ultimate German halftrack.
  • Beltring War & Peace
    Here’s another photo set from the War & Peace military show to give you yet more ideas for your figure modelling.
  • Fairy Power Spray Paintstrip
    The great thing about model making is finding out about new techniques, like how to strip paint using Fairy Power Spray.

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The Broad Fourteens

The title of this film, "The Broad Fourteens", is the name given to an area of the North Sea off the Dutch coast.

This British World War Two propaganda film is a classic of the genre. For naval buffs it’s a must-see.

Premium Collector's Video


M2/M3 Halftrack Premium Film
The ubiquitous U.S. White Halftrack is a favourite with modellers & vehicle collectors alike.

Transferred from an original high-res master, this film has been cleaned-up & packaged ready for your enjoyment.

Premium Collector's Video


Daimler Armoured Car
The Daimler was a sleek & elegant design of armoured car that first appeared in the North African desert.

The Daimler was designed for scout & recce duties but was effectively also a small wheeled tank.

Premium Collector's Video


Make Your Own Stowage
We show you all you need to know to make life-like stowage for your tanks & AFVs.

This handy premium tutorial - available to download now - offers you collectible HD modelling goodness!

Premium How To Guide


Model making is all about fads & fashions – drybrushing was once all the rage. So here’s a quick guide to this technique.

What better way than a video to explain how drybrushing works? It’s really pretty simple anyway & this technique is within the capabilities of any modeller. So give it a go.

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Mr Surfacer
Mr. Who? Mr. Surfacer is who! Modellers who haven’t yet made his acquaintance better form a queue.

When it comes to giving your scale model a realistic surface texture, you can do a lot worse than giving it a coat of Mr. Surfacer.

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Sherman DD

We breathe new life into an old unloved M4A1 model kit to make a former swimming tank - we strip it back & start again.

This premium download video offers you 40 minutes of HD modelling & military history goodness! A full rebuild shows how we convert an old model kit to give it a 2nd lease of life.

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  • The V-1 was a deceptively simple flying bomb or as described in this film, “an aerial torpedo”. It was sent across the channel in large numbers to bombard London.

    V1 - Recognition Film
  • During the summer of 1944, London endured a second “Blitz” at the hands of the V-1, or “Doodlebug”, flying bomb.

    V1 - Public Information Film
  • This U.S. Marines technical film is an exhausive training guide about operating the compact 75mm Pack Howitzer.

    75mm Pack Howitzer Premium Technical Film

Other Videos

  • Here’s a great painting set for armour or AFV model makers from Vallejo which aims to capture the look of a tank’s primer coat.
    Vallejo German Red Oxide Acrylic Paint Set #78.411
  • Adding white metal tracks is a great way to get your tanks looking as real as possible. Here's a manufacturer who simplifies the process.
    Easy Metal Links Tracks
  • Every now & then a remarkable custom-made model making product emerges. Here's Panzer Putty from Mxpression.
    Mxpression Panzer Putty
  • This is the third instalment in Rinaldi Studio Press' popular Tank Art series. The author, Michael Rinaldi, is a leading figure in the world of modelling.
    Tankart Volume 3 Modern Armor


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