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Here’s a technique that’s all the rage thanks to a range of dedicated bottled chipping solutions.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 4 minutes 11 seconds
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In this video, we test two such products from the AK Interactive brand. To show how they work, we do a filmed comparison between their “Heavy Chipping” & “Worn Effects" products.

It’s funny how a technique becomes all the rage & this sort of chipping is an example of exactly that. After the pioneering work of various modellers using hair spray (we wonder how they ended up using that!), it’s now a piece of cake thanks to these sorts of products.

It’s easy to overdo this chipping effect mind. Not every vehicle is a dilapidated weathered wreck, but, essentially, such products are another big plus for us modellers & are unquestionably a useful addition to our armoury.

Take a look & see what you think. And don’t forget, you too can submit your own reviews & videos to us.

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