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Mud glorious mud! Any keen modeller will want to cover his creations in mud sooner or later, here’s one possible way.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 3 minutes 26 seconds
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Any modeller will know that an AFV or tank operating in the field gets muddy very quickly. Experienced model makers will also know that an overdone layer of mud can conceal all your hours of hard work.

Luckily, there is one quick & easy way to give your model a decent coating of mud – without going overboard. So much in model making is about subtlety, so this is a totally controllable technique where you can dictate the amount of mud applied – before you even hit the painting stage.

This video tutorial is one of our “How To” guides & will tell you all you need to know about mixing up your own mud concoction using modelling putty, acetone & muck from the garden!

It’s just one of a number of mud techniques, but the beauty of this method is that you have a mud texture you can build upon when it’s time to get the airbrush out & start spraying. As an added bonus, it dries rock hard & won’t come undone when you handle your kit. Finally, it will give you something for pigments to adhere to if you like to use these when you finish your models.

So check out our 4-minute mini-guide to learn more about this particular mucky mud technique.

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