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There’s always been something appealing about BMW’s heavy World War Two motorcycle, the powerful R75 & sidecar.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 2 minutes 24 seconds
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We’ve always had a soft spot for this highly engineered motorbike ever since the release years ago of the Esci/ERTL 1:9th scale model kits – later re-released by Dragon & Revell.

The BMW R75 & sidecar was the pinnacle of German motorcycle design. The bike was powered by a 750cc overhead valve engine & weighed in at an impressive 500 kilograms. The sidecar, which was powered by shaft drive off the motorcycle’s rear wheel, contributed to this weight.

Nevertheless, the bike had a range of forward & reverse gears as well as selective gear ratios to help with cross-country terrain. Top road speed was 90km/h.

All-in-all it's a formidable machine which always looks good in real life or in model form.

So if you have any of the numerous model kits of the BMW R75 awaiting construction & you are in need of some inspiration. Let us help you...

We’ve put together a quick walk-around video, jam-packed with all the details from 3 different BMW R75 combinations. There’re plenty of reference shots to aid you with your build as well as lots of useful close-ups of the engine & sidecar.

In many ways, these machines were just too heavy, complicated & expensive to produce in World War Two, being replaced by vehicles like the Kubelwagen. But today they are highly sought-after & command a hefty price tag. So why not soak up this video & make a model replica instead – it should be much cheaper than owning a real one!

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