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Model making is all about fads & fashions – drybrushing was once all the rage. So here’s a quick guide to this technique.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 3 minutes
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What better way than a video to explain how drybrushing works? It’s really pretty simple anyway & this technique is within the capabilities of any modeller. So give it a go.

When we grew up, one man dominated the modelling world – Francois Verlinden. Along with his signature washes & even filters – yes filters! – he was partial to a bit of drybrushing. So we, along with many others, would use the technique with abundance too.

How does it work? By drying out the brush & then very gently rubbing surface details, components in relief stand out. This is because tiny quantities of paint are deposited on the stand-out parts.

Repeat the process with an even lighter shade for yet more highlighting. Soon your model is given a life & depth that doesn’t exist under one uniform coat of paint. The technique works even better when your model has had a shadow wash applied beforehand.

Although it is used less often today, having gone somewhat out of flavour, you can still find a place for this technique on most models. Admittedly, it is preferable nowadays to be less heavy-handed & combine it with some of the new finishing techniques out there, but it is all part of the skillset of a modeller.

Looking back at some of the older models in this video you can see how a more rigorous drybrushing pass was not only popular back then but it was remarkably efficient at creating a dusty look.

Models featured include: a Dragon Sherman Firefly, a BA20 from Dragon/Alan Hobbies, an Italeri Horch & their Steyr too, as well as “in progress” shots from our forthcoming Char B1 Bis video.

Find out more by watching our mini guide, then get drybrushing - but go easy!

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