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Our hobby is all about the pursuit of scale realism. Our quest for perfection means manufacturers offer some great products.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 5 minutes 10 seconds
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One example is Friulmodel metal tracks & track links. Yes, who would have thought that a company in Hungary makes a living by producing replacement tank tracks in white metal? But they do & they are very good at it!

So, if your kit’s tracks aren’t up to scratch, Friulmodel market a vast range of metal tracks as an alternative “upgrade”. They are beloved of some modellers because they perfectly mimic the real thing. They are really quite heavy, so they create the much sought-after sagging effect seen on tanks’ & AFVs’ running gear.

They can sometimes cost as much as your kit but the realism they bring will have you beaming from ear to ear & they add a pleasing hefty weight to your miniature creations.

As Friulmodel are the market leaders, we thought it was essential we made a “How To” guide explaining the basics of how these replacement track sets work, how to assemble them & how to get the most from them – that’s a lot of “How To”s. Luckily, they are all rolled into this one handy 5-minute film. And if you’re wondering where to get them, they are available from Historex Agents.

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