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All American workhorse! We love the US GMC 6x6 2.5t truck, a.k.a the Jimmy. The Leroi Compressor version is no exception.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 4 minutes 51 seconds
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The GMC 2.5t truck or to give it its proper name, the CCKW, was produced in the tens of thousands during World War Two. It fought on all fronts in numerous guises & spawned numerous derivatives.

Here at Scale War Machines, the GMC 2.5t has always held a special place! The CCKW or Jimmy as it was affectionately known became famous as the backbone of the Allied push into France in 1944 as part of the “Red Ball Express”. This was a vital supply network that ran from the Channel coast to the front line. As such, this hardy truck is one of our favourite modelling subjects.

But the Jimmy didn’t just ferry supplies up and down the Red Ball Express, its numerous variants undertook all manner of specialized tasks. The Leroi Compressor is shining example of just what a workhorse it was.

Early in the war, engineers realized they needed a specialist vehicle equipped with a compressor to power air tools. A heavy duty Leroi unit was mounted on the GMC CCKW chassis and a dedicated compressor truck was born.

We love the Leroi and plan to model one soon. So to get you in the mood we came across a beautifully restored Leroi on a closed cab chassis at the Solent Overlord show. We filmed it just for you.

This video shows the Leroi in detail & also takes a peek at the Masters Productions resin upgrade set.


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