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The Jeep has to be one of the most iconic machines of all time giving rise to a number of versions including the M201.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 2 minutes 35 seconds
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The vehicle earned its stripes during World War Two. Over half a million were made & the ubiquitous Jeep could be seen soldiering on all across the globe. The little US truck is undoubtedly a star.

Even after 1945, the French Army took the tiny quarter-tonne Jeep & ran with it, making it the backbone of their light vehicle fleet for decades.

At various stages, they rebuilt veteran Jeeps & gave them a new lease of life. Much of this rebuilding work ended up in the creation of the Hotchkiss M201.

However, this loose term can sometimes hide a multitude of different versions, with vehicles remanufactured from cannibalized spares. Either way, the M201s were still essentially a Jeep – they just had a number of upgrades to meet French military spec.

So if you have a Willys Jeep model sitting around, the current crop of plastic kits are all united by one factor, the limitations of moulding technology. No kit is perfect & they could all do with some extra detailing here & there.

What better excuse than to take a look at a Jeep & see what we can reproduce in miniature?

We stumbled across a M201 & filmed it just for you. Though some parts of the Hotchkiss Jeeps differ from a standard US World War Two version, there’s plenty to inspire a super detailing session.

In this video we do a quick walkaround so you can take it all in.

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