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Getting a convincing coating of mud is now that little bit easier thanks to Mig Productions.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 5 minutes 4 seconds
Free Video Content

We tested four references from their range of mud “in a jar”.

P500 – Europe Dry Mud (fine texture)
P501 – Europe Dry Mud (rough texture)
P502 – Europe Wet Mud (fine texture)
P503 – Europe Wet Mud (rough texture)

Each 75ml jar contains a ready-made gritty mud mixture & we road-tested them on a couple of projects so you can see what they’re like, straight out of the bottle.

They don’t disappoint, being easy to apply using a spatula or a brush & they dry rock hard. The rough textures are a lot thicker & best suited to terrain work or really heavy applications.

These are acrylic products, so clean-up is easy with tap water. In addition, you can inter-mix the references among themselves or with plaster & other paint shades or additives. This will give you the perfect mud coloration to match your tastes - if the off-the-shelf pigmentation is not to your liking.

Highly-recommended & very realistic. Watch the video to find out more.

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