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Figure painting is an artform in itself. Painting convincing faces is especially tricky.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 6 minutes 10 seconds
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One easy way to improve your figure painting is to use acrylics & follow a few basic steps. The main principle is to use a pronounced highlight & shadow technique.

When we paint figures we find that everything starts with the face. Beginning here imparts your figure with a character all of its own before you tackle the uniform & the rest of the figurine.

So we thought we would take one of our recent articles on painting figures' faces & do a video version, so you can see exactly how it is done using acrylics.

We like to use Vallejo acrylics – just remember to keep the paints diluted & very opaque & then follow the tips in this video tutorial.

We are not saying this is the way to make award-winning figures – for that you need years of practice & the figure-painter’s skillset - something we do not possess.

Likewise, as with all aspects of our hobby, it is very subjective & a question of personal style. We like to have figures that look dirty & tired, so our figure's face will end up that way.

Our French Tanker figure was produced by Nemrod & supplied as a gift to subscribers of our favourite model magazine, Steelmasters. We added a Hornet head with a homemade skullcap & scarf sculpted in Duro & then began to paint. Take a look & see how we got on.

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