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Every now & then a remarkable custom-made model making product emerges. Here's Panzer Putty from Mxpression.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 4 minutes 54 seconds
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We decided to do a review & "How To" guide all about using this strange putty marketed as a useful airbrush accessory.

The idea is that Panzer Putty can be used when spraying camouflage schemes. You can create all sorts of shapes because it is a "dilatant" material. That means that depending on the way you handle it, the form, malleability & shape changes. As a result you can create hard-edge & soft-edge camouflage. As you'll see from our video, this product also can help with other painting schemes, as well as different masking or even soldering tasks.

It certainly is strange stuff. You could use Silly Putty but this is a different beast. For instance, if you roll it into a ball & throw it at a wall it will bounce like a toy ball. Strange stuff indeed!

It's available from Historex Agents.

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