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Sometimes German manufacturers just couldn’t help themselves, this overcomplicated little staff car is a case in point.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 5 minutes 28 seconds
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The Stoewer was about as complicated as a utilitarian vehicle could get - combining four-wheel steering with expensive & costly manufacturing processes. But it still makes for a great model subject.

The Stoewer was one of many staff car designs to emerge from the German rearmaments programme & was manufactured in Stettin. 10,000 units were made & they fought on all fronts. The official name of this sort of light personnel car was typically long-winded (Leichter Einheits-Personenkraftwagen) & the design was just as complex, leading to much-needed simplification later in its production.

So when we found a running Stoewer belonging to Paul Hocking, it made sense to take a look around & then compare it with its counterpart in plastic.

Paul’s Stoewer is a four-wheel-steered version & is nicely kitted out as a repair vehicle with basic light recovery gear. We decided to compare it with the ICM kit released in 2010 as Einheits-PKW Kfz1 (Ref: 35521) – the staff car version & Einheits-PKW Kfz2 (Ref: 35522) – the radio car version which was released later. We got our hands on the second of these kits.

So sit back & let Scale War Machines take you on a guided tour of the Stoewer staff car & then you can see how well the ICM model compares to it.

If you like what you see, stay tuned as this model will soon feature in a full premium build feature right here. We’ll update you once it’s ready.

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