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In this step-by-step mini-guide we look at a useful weathering product from Vallejo – their water-based Chipping Medium.

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This product will help you achieve the weathered & peeling paint look so popular amongst the current crop of model makers.

In the past, it was still possible to get this look using the “hairspray technique”. With the Chipping Medium, the idea is that it's simpler to achieve out of the bottle.

The water-based solution comes in a small flip-top container & you just spray it over your model's base coat. In this case, we used Tamiya's 1:35th Scale Pak40 artillery gun (Ref: 35047). It's a great golden oldie of a kit & all it needed was a chipped & weathered overspray of Dunkelgelb camouflage over its German Grey base.

We found that the medium is pretty effective & reacts very strongly with water. It is far more reactive that some other products on the market. This makes it ideal for very heavy chipping effects. In fact, it's possible to completely remove the paint with some rigorous scrubbing. In this 4-minute video you'll see this for yourselves as well as the best tools for the job, including inter-dental sticks, brushes & blade tips – all useful to get different sorts of scratches & chips.

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