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Vallejo Face Painting Set
Painting faces is an art form in itself, here's a set that can take a lot of the hassle out of the process.

Vallejo of Spain make a fantastic range of model paints that have grown in popularity over the last decade.

Their Model Color paints are an acrylic water-based range that have been specifically developed to adhere to difficult surfaces such as metal, resin & plastic. They have been been formulated with permanent pigments so all colours are completely light-fast & opaque. They are non-toxic & non-flammable, making them some of the safest paints available to the modeller. The paints also eliminate brush strokes, which is handy when it comes to painting figures.

They can also be airbrushed when diluted with water, but for best results use the dedicated Vallejo thinners with your airbrush mixes.

Vallejo Model Colors come in a 17ml plastic bottle with an eye-dropper which keeps the paint from drying as well as preventing spills.

Every so often the manufacturer combines colours in handy box sets. As the name of set 70.119 suggests, this assortment of eight colours will help you to paint faces.

You may already know that the knack with these paints is to use very thin opaque layers of paints over one another, to build up tones & depths. Most painters acknowledge that using progressively lightened highlight mixes & dark shadows works best.

That way, you don't have to spend ages mixing the perfect tone for each stage, instead this pack gives you all you will need.

Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set
Vallejo Face Painting Set

It includes the following references from the Model Color range:

804 Beige Red
812 Violet Red
814 Burnt Cadmium Red
815 Basic Skintone
859 Black Red
876 Brown Sand
928 Light Flesh
950 Black

What's really handy is the inclusion of a photographic step-by-step by Jaume Ortiz, one of Spain's leading figure painters & one of the pioneers of this way of painting. This fold-out guide shows you exactly how the highlight & shadow method works with the shades in this set.

Remember that Model Color dries quickly to a matt, even & waterproof finish. The colours are dry to the touch within minutes so they may take some getting used to, especially for those more used to oils. However, with the help of this set & our forthcoming tutorial video – you can soon master this technique.

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