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Want to get down with the chipping gang? Eager to try out the latest painting craze? Then this new Vallejo set (Ref: 71.186) will get you started.
Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 5 minutes 20 seconds
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In this video unboxing & demo, we take a look at Vallejo’s Model Air set designed for those looking to create rust & chipping.

This handy box-set is aimed at armour modellers, yes tank fans, looking to paint rusty hulks & burnt out shells. That’s not to say other model makers won't find this set especially useful but we thought this was most relevant to "tankies".

It comes with a primer, several rust shades, a “chipping medium” & a mat varnish to seal the whole lot. Just remember, you’ll need to supply your own top coat for the paint layer that will be “chipped”.

The technique for using the chipping medium is easy enough – check out our "How To" video - & the results look great, as seen on the test piece we used in the demo.

A word on the paints – Model Air are designed to be sprayed out of the bottle (no mixing or diluting required). A few modellers have asked us if you can do that & the answer is yes, that’s the whole idea! Likewise, a few brush painters out there have said our review is focused on airbrushing – again, that’s the premise of the set but, rest assured, you can brush paint with Model Air, however, you’ll get the best results with their Model Color range.

Watch our video to find out more.

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