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Priming your model is a great way to get a uniform flawless base & seal all those different materials you have used.

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Not everyone is a fan of priming, especially if it's a basic model made purely in plastic.

Nevertheless, there are many good reasons to prime your model kits. Not least, it provides a durable tough foundation for all your weathering stages.

You can use rattle can products like automotive primer or modelling sprays but here is a great solution that we use all the time.

Vallejo makes an extensive range of polyurethane acrylic primers & we decided to give them a road test. Watch the video to see how to use them on your models.

They are a great product. The primers dry flat & level & will harden nicely after about 24 hours. They spray really well & the only drawback is they can peel when you sand them, so they will not suit a model that will require repeated sanding between coats. But as a first base coat on a sanded & finished kit, these primers are the business.

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