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It’s truly the best of times for modelers when it comes to finishing products – now here’s a new range from Adam Wilder.

Format: Streaming Media
Duration: 8 minutes 11 secs
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If you don’t know of him, he’s a really accomplished modeller & a new range of weathering products has been released bearing his name.

We take a look at the new “Nitroline” range of washes & speckling effect filters that’s just been released. So check out the latest in our series of video reviews & unboxings to find out more about what you get in the bottles.

First impressions are positive & we are sure they will be a hit with modelers. It begs just one question. Where are us modelers going to put all these different types of pigments, filters, washes & so on? It calls for a bigger workspace with a whole load more shelves – that’s for sure.

Watch this 8-minute video for a taste of what the Nitroline range by Wilder has to offer.

Remember, we'll be doing more simple video unboxings but we will also be filming more in-depth reviews too showing even more & giving a more practical demonstration of the products in the near future.

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